Using Car Park Ticket Advertising to Push Community Engagement

As with every type of promotional platform, car park ticket adverting isn’t just about achieving sales. Sometimes you might have a message that’s entirely informative, or a marketing campaign that aims to increase social good. A prime example of this is the community sector, which includes various types of activity focused on making the world a better place.

A community campaign could revolve around your local fostering service. With a recent study showing that there’s a shortage of around 9,000 foster families across the UK, a clear and eye-catching advertising campaign could be someone’s first step to changing a child’s life forever. Due to the nature of car park tickets, the recipient not only willingly takes receipt of the advert, but also retains it for future use. If an individual sees an advert for foster caring more than once, the likelihood increases of them taking action or passing it on to someone who might be interested.

The same goes for services aimed at improving physical health and mental wellbeing. Whilst many gyms and sports centres use our advertising solutions, the same goes for regional NHS Trusts, independent GPs and other health-focused organisations. It could be the opening of a new public park, a free walking club, or activity sessions for the elderly. Whatever the case, by getting the word out, you’re far more likely to receive a larger uptake and help people to improve their lives through fitness and social inclusion.

Another major application for this type of advertising is crime prevention and the promoting of public safety. This can take many forms, including road safety (tyre checks, winter conditions, level crossings), home security, alcohol awareness, workplace health and safety, and even recommending that people don’t keep their mobile phone in an easily accessed pocket. It’s often a case that common sense and a change in behaviour can be achieved through just a little bit of extra information. When seen more than once, an individual will usually digest the message and put it into action.

Finally, local authorities always have something to shout about, and car park ticket advertising is the perfect way to target residents. A very popular campaign is household recycling, as many people wrongly dispose of items, only to find that their bins are then left full to the brim. Other examples are making sure that you’re registered to vote and know how to contact your local councillor or MP, as this is the best way to ensure that your voice is heard when it comes to important matters.

So whatever the size and nature of your organisation, we’re here to help you promote social good campaigns that will enable your local community to thrive. Simply give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and we’ll talk you through our range of options. From a one-off advert to running six at a time across a range of sites, AdsOnTickets will ensure that your messages are seen far and wide.

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