Using Car Park Tickets Advertising for Arts and Culture

Our car park ticket advertising solutions are particularly popular with retailers and eateries, driving people to buy products, shop online and take advantage of sales. However, the platform is ideal for all kinds of industries, not least the arts and culture sector.

Whether you work for a museum, art gallery, public garden, theatre, cinema, dance school, animal sanctuary or any other type of recreational, educational and/or community space, car park ticket advertising is an excellent means of raising awareness of your brand and encouraging people to visit more often.

No matter what time of year or where your facilities are based, we offer a service that’s affordable and effective. By advertising on the reverse of car park tickets, you’ll reach thousands of drivers in locations of your choosing. Due to the nature of the ticket, the recipient accepts it without question and willingly retains it for future use, resulting in the natural assimilation of key messages and a greater likelihood of them being seen multiple times. This means that your advert will achieve a more effective impact overall when compared to everything from flyers and posters to video adverts and billboards, as the campaign is seen in the right place and at the right time.

An especially good way to get more visitors to your cultural attraction is to present the audience with a special offer. This could be free entry or money off tickets, which is always guaranteed to receive a strong response. If this isn’t possible or your premises are already free to enter, try another tactic such as a freebie (a show programme, drink from the bar, children’s toy) or a few pounds off products and packages that you sell, such as meals and merchandise. Whatever the case, presenting your audience with something that will save them money is sure to get their attention, which is the first step to converting them into a visitor.

With over thirty years’ experience delivering first-rate solutions to our customers, we always create the perfect car park ticket advertising campaign. From using our in-house design studio, to simply asking our recommendations on the best promotional sites, we’re here to get your adverts seen by as many relevant people as possible. In the process, we also make sure to work to your individual requirements and budget, offering a truly exceptional and tailored service.

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