Using Social Media as a Sales Tool

Social media has become a bustling hub of business and trade, with many people using it as their main method of shopping for products and making purchases. In order to get the most out of your social media activity, here are some tips for making it as clear, consistent and engaging as possible.

Speed is everything

Microsoft recently carried out some in-depth research into how people shop over the internet. The findings were that 63% of millennials begin their customer service interactions online and 93% of UK consumers expect a brand to have an online support portal. In other words, simply posting occasional content and not having someone always ready to respond to enquiries can lose you huge volumes of custom. If possible, it’s worth having a team member who can check messages over the weekend too, as this is when a lot of people do their shopping and search for services.


Your content needs to reflect your brand

When we say “content”, we don’t mean simply talking about your products and services every single day. Though it is of course very important to advertise your offerings, you also need to include content that’s interesting, informative, worth interacting with and likely to be shared. Excellent examples are blog posts, videos, photos of your team out and about, how-to guides, white papers, and anything else that lives up to the true meaning of social media, in that it’s conversational and eye-catching.


Customers are great, brand advocates are better

Every customer should be celebrated and provided with the best service possible, that’s always a given. However, many customers will use your company less often than they could or even just the one time. This is where tactics for achieving brand advocacy come into play – by using your social media to grab attention, retain interest and have conversations, you’re far more likely to convert customers into advocates. You’ll know when this is achieved, as advocates will tag you regularly, interact with your content, post testimonials and reviews, share images of your products and services, and recommend your brand at every opportunity.


The search box is so powerful

By using the search box to find relevant trends and topics, you suddenly have so many windows for discussion and promotion at your fingertips. What a lot of companies fail to do is search for themselves, as they assume that if their customers are taking about them they will have tagged in their social media accounts. This isn’t always the case, as a customer may not have found your username or perhaps misspelt it, in which case you’ll only come across these posts by searching for them. By doing so, you create an online culture that revolves around responsiveness, friendly chats and far more effective online customer service.


Ads need to be targeted

If you have the budget to integrate social media ads into your marketing strategy, the most important factor is that they’re popping up in front of the right people. If, for example, you’re running an event for the legal sector, you can target the demographics of the ad so that it’s delivered only to people with specific job roles, such as solicitor and paralegal. The demographics can be tweaked in many ways, including age, gender, location, interests and many more, so make the most of them as a means of optimising your ad placement.


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