Using Twitter’s Advanced Features for Your Business

Twitter is a great place for keeping up with the latest news, staying in touch with friends and meeting new people, but there are tons of different ways you can use the app beyond that. If you have a business, a company Twitter account is great for engagement and marketing too.

Using the advanced search

If you’re aware of specific search terms, you can use Twitter’s advanced search to get way ahead of your competition or stay on top of the latest news. With this feature, you can track brand mentions, check the interactions between your account and others, save your previous searches, and do some in-depth research.

To access it, simply type a keyword in the search window, click on More Options and choose Advanced Search. Once you’ve filled in the fields you want, submit the search and prepare to discover a world of useful information.


Making the most of your profile

Twitter is a great marketing tool for businesses, so it’s crucial that your profile tells everyone exactly what you want them to know. One feature that’s helpful here is the ability to pin one of your tweets to the top of your feed, meaning that anyone who visits your profile will see that tweet before anything else.

Once you’ve selected the tweet you want to pin, click on the drop-down menu and then select ‘Pin to profile’. The chosen tweet will stay at the top of your feed until you choose to remove or change it (which can be done by following the above process and selecting ‘Unpin from profile’)


Using tweet alerts on your phone

If you follow a ton of people, it’s almost certain you’re going to miss out on a good tweet or two whilst you’re busy having your lunch, and it’s not always possible to scroll back through everything you’ve overlooked.

Fortunately, Twitter allows you to track tweets from certain people or companies, meaning you can receive SMS notifications when a new tweet that you might be interested in is posted. For example, if you’re following a top client that you want to support, you can do so by setting up a tweet alert on their account by going to their profile and clicking the button next to the Following button. Once you’ve done that, select Turn On Mobile Notifications and you’re all set.


Creating Twitter Moments

This feature was originally only available to selected organisations and influencers, but now anyone can create Moments on the website or mobile app.

You can use the Moments feature to compile a selection of your most important tweets and easily share them as a curated post. To do this, click on the Moments tab on and then the icon to create a new one. Give it a title, add a description and start adding your tweets.

When you’re done with your selection, click on Set Cover to choose an image from a previous tweet, or from an uploaded image on your computer. Once you’re satisfied with your Moment, click on Publish to send it out to the Twitterverse!


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