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When you take into account that the population of the UK is only 66 million, with a decent chunk of it being people who are too young to drive, it may surprise you to hear that there’s a whopping 38.2 million licensed vehicles across the nation and 32.9 million people with a full driving license. As a company that specialises in car park ticket advertising, this is great news for us and even better for our customers.

By printing car park ticket ads and distributing them to hundreds of bustling locations around the UK, we offer businesses of all shapes and sizes a versatile and highly effective marketing platform that’s designed to accommodate practically any budget. All you have to do is decide how many ads you want printing and choose which sites they need to go to, then we’ll do the rest and leave you to enjoy the new custom that your campaigns bring. We guarantee it’s that simple, as we’re dedicated to making the customer journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Due to car park tickets being small, so too are the ads that are printed on the reverse. This means that the promotion needs to be clear and impactful so that it grabs attention and immediately conveys a call to action. Whether that’s to visit your premises or website, make a phone call, follow you on social media or redeem a special offer is completely up to you. We’ve also worked with numerous public sector organisations over the years, helping them to share useful advice in regards to health, wellbeing, road safety, voting, fostering, recycling and many other topics, which goes to show how adaptable our advertising solutions can be.


With countless drivers using our sites on a daily basis, there really is no better way for businesses to get through to them. This may sound like a bold claim, but consider how often you genuinely take notice of billboards, keep a flyer, remember what you read on a poster, or got in touch with a company when you heard about them on the radio. We’re not saying that it never happens, but people are so used to tuning out the noise and skimming past adverts that it can be very heard for brands to get through to them. Then there’s AdsOnTickets, which is in a different league altogether – due to your ad being on the back of a car park ticket, it’s not only gladly accepted by the driver, but also safely retained for future reference and often seen multiple times. This greatly increases the likelihood of your messages being seen and digested, without coming across as intrusive.


What’s more, if you don’t have a designer or time to sort out artwork, there’s nothing to worry about. We have our very own in-house design studio that’s run by innovative graphic designers with years of experience. Combined with input from our sales and marketing experts, we guarantee that we can produce visual ads that perfectly fit your company style and brand voice, along with a call to action that focuses on creating leads and encouraging conversions.


We’re here to help you increase footfall, web traffic and sales through effective advertising, so get in touch today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and let’s get drivers across the UK invested in your brand!

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