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Local councils are perhaps the most regular users of car park ticket advertising. The reasons for this are many, but the main one is that it’s the perfect channel for communicating important messages on a mass scale.

With drivers happily accepting a car park ticket in order to use the premises and leave without a fuss, they simultaneously receive an advert along with it. This ad could be for anything from a high street restaurant to a tourist attraction, or in this case, a campaign created by a local authority to help residents understand its offerings.

Excellent examples are recycling initiatives, ways to vote, local events and culture, and countless other services that come under the council. Whilst outdoor advertising platforms and digital campaigns are effective to an extent, they’re also very easy to miss due to anything from short attention span to suitability of placement (it’s hard to read a billboard whilst driving). By delivering campaigns into drivers’ hands when they’re about to park and take a breather, the likelihood of the messages being read is far greater.

Car park ticket advertising is also a no-brainer for local authorities for a variety of other reasons. For instance, by only choosing car parks within the council’s boundaries, the suitability of the audience will remain as high as possible. Meanwhile, due to our high quality mass printing technologies, every campaign benefits from quick, smooth and consistent delivery. Additionally, with many car parks being owned by local authorities, it makes perfect sense to turn your facilities into an impactful promotional channel.

So if your waste disposal services are changing from weekly to fortnightly collections, if you want to encourage entrepreneurs to understand how to register a food business, or if you aim to increase visitors to your summer fairs and Christmas lights switch-on, car park ticket advertising is the solution.

When it comes to the artwork, we’re very flexible and helpful. As a local authority, you probably already have a house style and internal design team, in which case you can send us the file and we’ll place it onto our tickets. However, if you do need help with design, even if it’s just a little advice on what works best, our creative team is ready to offer its shared expertise.

With many forms of advertising becoming increasingly easy to skip, block or simply ignore, car park ticket ads remain a powerful and readily accepted publicity tool. So what are you waiting for? Call AdsOnTickets on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. Together we’ll help thousands of people to understand everything from council tax and planning permission, to becoming foster carers and making the most of museums.



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