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There are many forms of advertising these days, more than ever before, yet as always the key factors are the outlay and your return on investment. Whilst some platforms offer an attractively low level of the former, the latter is often lacking; similarly, others bring huge results, but the cost to do so often makes them inaccessible. This is where car park ticket advertising is different.

We help customers from a variety of sectors to deliver adverts to a wide audience without breaking the bank. This is achieved through multiple factors, with the first being that our parent company, Nagels UK, is the printer of the tickets. By saving on the physical materials and already having a huge portfolio of sites across the country, we can keep our prices down whilst guaranteeing excellent coverage.

Then there’s the option to choose the quantity of adverts you’d like printing. Again, due to us having total control over the distribution system, we can pass these savings on to you. So whether you’d like a single campaign in London or multiple adverts spread throughout different cities, we can meet your needs whilst maintaining a low price and ensuring a highly effective advertising campaign.

What’s more, you can either supply the artwork yourself or hire our in-house studio to create something eye-catching with a strong call to action, which is a timesaving option for customers without access to a designer. You could even send us existing artwork and ask if we think it can be improved to perfectly fit the platform, as we’re always happy to provide expert insight to bring you the best results.

The return on investment is of course reliant on results too, as low outlay is pointless without a subsequent rise in sales. You’ll therefore be pleased to know that our advertising platform is ideal for getting through to people when they’re in the perfect environment to digest messages. Unlike a poster, flyer or radio jingle, we place your advert in the hands of customers in a way that is not only welcome, but also essential for them to use the car park. They then retain the ticket for future use, which greatly increases the likelihood of your integrated advert being viewed more than once.

By combining low costs, specialist advice, campaign flexibility and powerful delivery, we can safely say that car park ticket advertising with AdsOnTickets is a sound choice. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our work and click on the customer logos to see how we brought their promotions to life.

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