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Whether you’re the Communications Director of an international organisation or run a one-person start-up, you want your marketing activity to land in the right places, at the right time, and to deliver a strong return on investment. But how can you guarantee that a particular promotional method will work, and even it does, how will you track its results? Four words: car park ticket advertising.

We have decades of experience in delivering countless customer campaigns across hundreds of hotspots, from large cities and shopping centres, to tourist attractions and strategic sites located along the length and breadth of the UK. All you need to do is either provide your own artwork or take advantage of our in-house design team, choose which areas you wish to target, decide whether it’s just the one campaign or up to six running simultaneously, and then leave us to roll out your messages to the car parks that best suit your desired demographics.

Car park ticket advertising is an excellent technique for brand development and customer engagement for multiple reasons. First of all, you know exactly where your campaigns will land and in what quantity. Second, drivers willingly accept your advert because it’s part and parcel of the car park ticket, which they need in order to use and subsequently leave the premises. Third, due to the nature and importance of the ticket itself, many people digest the advert far more thoroughly than they would the same design on a flyer, billboard or other promotional tool. This is because the advert reaches the holder naturally, and usually multiple times due to it being stored for a few hours. In fact, some people keep their ticket afterwards in order to get a reimbursement from an employer or for their tax records, increasing the advert’s longevity and impact tenfold.

AdsOnTickets is part of Nagels UK, the nation’s largest supplier of ticketing solutions. This means that there’s no middleman, with the entire project being organised, produced and despatched by efficient teams within the same building. Costs are therefore kept to an absolute minimum thanks to in-house production, close-knit communications, minimised logistics and the immediate availability of all skills and know-how required for the job. These savings are passed on to our customers, making AdsOnTickets a highly competitive provider of car park ticket advertising solutions that work every time.

As well as affordable, easy and effective, our team of experts also offer the very best customer service around. That’s why we have so many customers that return again and again, each receiving an excellent ROI in the form of increased web traffic, sales spikes and enhanced brand awareness.

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