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If you’re reading this blog, you either own a business or play a role in its marketing and sales activity. Either way, you’re our target audience and we want to let you know about a powerful, versatile and cost-effective platform that you’re probably not using to its maximum potential.

It’s easy to think of car park ticket advertising as an old-school form of promotion, especially with digital marketing constantly evolving. But in the same way that print will never die, car park ticket ads will never stop grabbing the attention of countless drivers across the UK every single day. The key to this success is that our ads are of course combined with a practical product – the car park ticket itself. If it were a case of each driver receiving a separate flyer they’d most likely discard it, but because the ad is on the reverse of the ticket, they have no option other than to accept it. This removes the animosity or resentment that many forms of marketing are met with, as our platform is a unique combination of direct yet subtle.


Seeing how every ad you have printed through AdsOnTickets is going to land in the hands of a prospective customer, it’s time to think about how to make the most of this 100% penetration rate. Our advice would be that less is more – a clean, stylish advert using a minimal colour palette will make it leap out and grab attention immediately. As for the message, choose something that’s either self-explanatory (such as ‘new store open now’ or ‘buy one get one free’) or a short slogan/tagline that fits your campaign and encourages people to find out more. That’s where your call to action comes in, whether it’s inviting viewers to visit you in-store, online or via social media.


Don’t have a designer? No worries! We have an in-house creative studio ready to make the artwork for you according to your brand style and precise requirements. If, on the other hand, you design all of your own artwork already, simply ask for the dimensions and send it over to our team, simple as that. The only other thing you need to do is tell us the quantity you’d like printing and choose from hundreds of top distribution sites. And if you find choosing one too difficult, you can run up to six campaigns simultaneously across as many locations as you wish.


We work with small independent businesses all the way to large brands such as McDonald’s, Specsavers and Arriva, so you never have to worry about us not being able to answer a question or offer some tailored guidance. After all, we want our customers to get as much out of their ads as possible every single time.


Ready to increase your brand reach without breaking the bank? Get in touch today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and let us know how we can help.

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