When’s the Last Time You Responded to a Billboard Ad?

We have a question for you and we’re going to be frank: How often do you buy something as a result of a billboard advertisement? They’re big and bold, sure, but do they really encourage you to part with your money? Whilst they may work occasionally, whether they’re worth hundreds of pounds for a few days is another matter entirely.

The same goes for the dozens of adverts squashed together in magazines and newspapers, or lining the perimeter of news websites you visit. Do you regularly jot down the info or click through to find out more? No, chances are you don’t, or at least nowhere as much as you did a few years ago.

If this sounds familiar, don’t worry – we’re not reading your mind. We can make these assertions because the way in which people access and digest messages is changing, and has been for a long time. With so much visual noise, both printed and digital, it becomes easier than ever to flip past the adverts, block pop-ups, or simply not even notice them to begin with due to your natural autopilot kicking in.

So in a world where adverts are so easily lost amongst others and audiences are wired to ignore them, how do you get your messages across? Even more importantly, how do you do this effectively without breaking the bank?

You may have guessed where we’re going with this, and you’d be right: car park ticket advertising is the solution.

A time-tested marketing platform, car park ticket advertising offers the opportunity to run anywhere between one and six campaigns simultaneously. You can also choose the quantity of tickets printed, the amount of sites and their locations (we have a huge selection spanning the UK), and when they land. With this much control and flexibility, you can intricately plan your strategy without getting a headache.

On top of that, our design and marketing experts are here to help you maximise on every opportunity. You can either supply the artwork yourself or take advantage of our in-house studio, and if you’re not sure about the best way to develop the campaign, we have tons of insight to offer. For example, eye-catching designs with a strong call to action work particularly well. Meanwhile, including a special offer code will drive engagement and also present a means of monitoring subsequent redemption and sales.

Ready to use a traditional promotional platform that works better than ever before? Give us a call on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and we’ll make car park ticket advertising take your business to the next level.



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