Why Car Park Ticket Advertising Remains Popular

We often point out that car park ticket advertising is time-tested and still a major form of promotional activity. But with digital marketing so prevalent and printed collateral on the decline, why does this traditional platform still get great results?

The reason that our services remain so popular is down to the nature of the format. You could technically call a car park ticket advert a small flyer, which should therefore make it as ignorable and disposable as any other printed material given to a member of the public. However, this isn’t the full picture, as the other side of the ticket has a very different function. Without it, a driver cannot access and later exit a car park, making the small slip of paper a valuable possession.

Due to the ticket being happily accepted and carefully retained, the probability of the advert being viewed and its messages digested is far higher. You’ll find that this is especially the case when comparing a car park ticket advert to a leaflet, a billboard, an advert in a publication or even a commercial prior to a YouTube video. This is because most forms of promotion are unsolicited and unwelcome, whereas one that integrates seamlessly with a useful product or service becomes a natural channel of communication.

But that’s not the only reason that car park ticket advertising continues to go from strength to strength. The medium is also extremely adaptable, with AdsOnTickets offering the ability to run up to six campaigns simultaneously. Then there’s the wide coverage, as you can choose from any of our 100+ UK sites to effectively target key demographics. And of course, we’re committed to maintaining low prices so that you get more for your money. As the advertising division of Nagels UK, which prints over 300 million car park tickets per year, we’re in the perfect position to keep our prices highly competitive.

Another factor that attracts all kinds of customers is our in-house design team. This means that if you don’t have a designer, or if you do but their time is limited, we can organise the artwork for you. Working to your brief and offering expert advice to maximise the impact, together we’ll create something that leaps out and drives public engagement.

So if you’re unsure about car park ticket advertising due to its seemingly old school format, simply consider how often you ignore various types of promotions, then think about how careful you always are not to lose your car park ticket. It makes perfect sense to invest in a system that gets great results, so why not incorporate car park ticket advertising into your marketing strategy today?

To get started, simply call our friendly customer services team on 01482 679608 or use our contact form. We’ll have a chat about your brand, expectations and budget, then whip up a plan of action that will guarantee achievable KPIs and a strong return on investment.




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