Why car park ticket advertising?

Good question. The short answer is that it works. If you want the longer version, please keep reading.

Native advertising

Let’s start with the major advantage. A car park ticket advert is located on the back of… you guessed it… a car park ticket. This means that it’s part of the ticket itself, therefore welcomed and accepted by the potential customer considerably more than a flyer.


Sitting quietly on the reverse, the advert is easily accessible for a long period, as the driver needs to keep the ticket safe in order to vacate the premises. This means that there’s a far higher chance not only of your advert being seen, but also being properly digested due to multiple viewings.

Hundreds of sites

Whether you want to target London, Scotland or somewhere in-between, we’re partnered with car parks in key urban and busy rural sites that are waiting to host your campaigns.

Drive traffic, leads and sales

Car park tickets are particularly well-suited to special offers. Whether your business is a retailer, restaurant, automotive services provider, national attraction or an online store, a ticket is the perfect platform for sending out codes and discounts across the nation.


Your campaign can take the form of between one and six advert designs, which can then be sent to one, two, a dozen or even hundreds of hotspots across the UK. This helps multiple marketing strategies, such as splitting messages, targeting key geographical areas, using AB testing for different artwork, and offering unique discounts to specific cities.

Quick, easy and affordable

You can either send us your finished artwork or make use of our in-house team of design specialists. Once you’ve decided on the quantity and locations, we roll out your campaigns within 6-8 weeks. All you need to do then is brace yourself for enquiries and web traffic.

Ready to find out more or place an order? We’re here to make everything easy for you, so get in touch on 01482 679608 or use our contact form and together we can find the best solution for your business.






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