Why choose car park ticket advertising?

We won’t lie to you; many people see car park ticket advertising as a bit old-fashioned. However, when asked why they think that, it turns out that they don’t mean old-fashioned at all, they actually mean that it’s been around far longer than many other promotional channels. There’s a very good reason for this.


In a world where newspapers and magazines are more than 50% advertising, billboards are all over the place but difficult to focus on for more than a few seconds, social media is saturated with sales pitches and any Tom, Dick and Harry can get flyers professionally printed, we are each confronted by advertising almost every minute of the day. Whilst it may sound contradictory, in order to stand out from the crowd you sometimes you have to take a subtle approach, which is where our solutions come in extremely handy.

By advertising on car park tickets, your brand and key messages are put directly into the hands, purses and vehicles of thousands of people across the UK. Rather than refusing to take one or throwing it away immediately afterwards, they keep the ticket safe because they require it in order to park and then exit afterwards. Many people even retain them as receipts, for tax purposes, or to redeem from their employer, meaning that the advert benefits from an even greater longevity. Whilst a tweet can become lost amongst many and a video can be forgotten, a car park ticket holds the owner’s attention for far longer than you may realise.

With sites placed strategically across the UK, from bustling shopping centres to market towns rich in heritage, AdsOnTickets present an abundance of advertising options for your business. By investing in car park ticket advertising, you’ll benefit from a concise, portable, memorable and cost-effective promotional channel, which can be targeted to a single location or spread across multiple cities. Likewise, you can run one design throughout or use different visuals as part of a more layered campaign, allowing you to gauge the effectiveness of each approach.

So the next time you use a ticketed car park, take a look around at all of the other vehicles and think about their drivers. Do they know about your company? Are they engaged in your brand? Could they benefit from your product or service? Whether you’re a restaurant or an accountant, provide legal services or nail art, it’s time you used a time-tested medium that will bring in the business without breaking the bank.

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