Why Does Car Park Ticket Advertising Remain So Popular?

We don’t take offence when people are surprised by the constant popularity of car park ticket advertising. After all, with social media a major part of everyday life, video marketing on the rise and interactive displays becoming more impressive, it’s easy to think that small printed media has had its day. However, when we ask them how often they use car parks, the ball suddenly drops.

The reason for car park ticket advertising remaining impactful during the digital age is simple: car parks are used more than ever before.

When proof is required to access and exit a car park, the ticket itself becomes essential. With this comes the perfect opportunity for conveying promotions, as the best adverts are those that are willingly accepted by their audience.

So whilst billboards look great, they’re usually seen when the driver really needs to be concentrating on the road. Similarly, communicating via ads in newspapers might seem like a good idea, but can you honestly say that your eyes don’t automatically skip them? By choosing AdsOnTickets, you can rest assured that your campaigns land in the right way, at the right time, and in front of the right audience.

Add to that our flexible, friendly and efficient service, and you have the perfect partner for taking your brand forward. You can either supply artwork yourself or take advantage of our creative in-house design team. Then there’s the scope of your campaign – choose between one and six ad sets, as well as which of our 100+ sites you wish to target. You can even add additional levels of engagement and monitoring, such as promotions to increase footfall presented as a special code whose usage can be tracked.

As you’d expect, we only work with car parks that receive large numbers of visitors daily and throughout the year, making our advertising solutions a no-brainer. Also, thanks to our in-depth knowledge and expert advice, you can rest assured that your campaigns will look fantastic, be delivered within an agreed timeframe and receive a strong return on investment.

With our customers including high street names, independent companies, white-collar agencies, restaurants, local authorities, tourist attractions and motor vehicle services, we can help you no matter what the nature of your business.

Contact the AdsOnTickets team today on 01482 679608 or use our contact form, and together we’ll use a good old-fashioned platform to advertise your brand to a 21st century audience.



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