Why Car Park Ticket Advertising? … Because it works!

    With Car Park Ticket Advertising, you are placing your company’s message directly into the hands of your customer. Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for a bargain and with the rise in popularity of online coupon sites, in the wake of the recent recession, consumers are increasingly embracing the benefits of shopping with voucher and coupon incentives. Over 80 percent of car drivers have purchased a Pay & Display ticket with the intention of heading straight to the shops…perhaps clutching your incentive! Car Park Ticket Advertising allows you to reach and engage potential spenders. Having an incentive in their hand makes a shopper more inclined to visit your premises.

    The great benefit of using Car Park Ticket Advertising for your business promotion is that it is totally adaptable and bespoke to your business. Whether you are a national corporation or a local business, our campaigns can be tailored to reach a local or national demographic. We have a range of campaign lengths and with the ability to run up to 6 adverts at once, you can be sure that your message, incentive or promotions campaign has been tailored to benefit the specific requirements of your company. Car Park Ticket Advertising is very cost effective and we have a range of flexible pricing and payment options available ensuring this great advertising resource is open to all.

    We offer advertising opportunities in a variety of areas across the UK, many of which are operated by local authorities, so Car Park Ticket Advertising is a fantastic resource for creating awareness and delivering public information for Councils and Public Services or businesses in any other sector.

    Car Park Ticket Advertising offers a fantastic return on investment, and if you are not using this avenue as part of your advertising, there is a good chance that your competitors are. Campaigns can be tailored to fit into seasonal events, so they’re always relevant and directly hits your target audience.

    Targeted Advertising = Smart Advertising!

    Get in contact to find out about campaign options for your business.

Why Awareness?
  • Car park ticket advertising is a fantastic medium for awareness campaigns.
  • Inform potential customers of your message or cause. Whether you are a charity, restaurant, shop or local authority.
  • Roll out your campaign in a specific area, target local residents or attract people from further afield.
  • Multiple services can be promoted simultaneously and with most cars carrying multiple passengers, your advert can reach a wide audience quickly and effectively.
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Why Food?
  • Target all age groups and demographics.
  • Engage with potential customers with a voucher, redemption or awareness campaign whether you are a National fast food chain or an independent restaurant.
  • We have a range of advertising locations across the UK, allowing you to target customers locally and from further afield.
  • With the option of running multiple adverts simultaneously, you can raise awareness and offer discounts as part of the same campaign.
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Why Motor Trade?
  • Deliver your message straight into the hands of your target audience – Motorists.
  • Everyone using car parks will need either an MOT, a service or general maintenance carrying out on their cars at some point.
  • Use a targeted approach to engage customers and get ahead of the competition
  • Your campaign can include multiple offers, vouchers, awareness messages or a combination.
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Why Retailers?
  • A fantastic platform for you to raise awareness or offer incentives to reach and engage potential spenders.
  • Campaigns are tailor-made to suit your business whether it’s a small, local shop or a national chain.
  • With most cars having a capacity of 5-7 people, your advert can reach a wide audience quickly and effectively.
  • You can run your campaign with multiple offers, awareness campaigns or redemptions, you can also cater to different demographics.
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Why Visitor Attractions and Tourism?
  • Target a range of different people, from a group of students to a family of five or an elderly couple.
  • We offer a vast range of advertising areas within the UK, giving you the opportunity to promote your attraction on a local or national scale.
  • Having open-ended dates on your campaign will allow customers to retain your advert for future use.
  • Run multiple promotions simultaneously to get an advantage over your competitors both now and in the long-term.
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Why Community?
  • Encourage people to get involved in fostering and supporting local children.
  • Raise awareness of safety measures to prevent crime and related accidents.
  • Promote services, workshops and resources that aid good health and wellbeing.
  • Drive engagement for local authority initiatives and educational platforms.
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Why Transport?
  • Promote Park & Ride services for commuters and tourists.
  • Encourage more people to cycle to work by advertising benefits and accessibility.
  • Bus and rail companies can push special offers and new services.
  • Reduce congestion by suggesting local alternatives to driving to work.
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