Your CTA Should Be Everywhere

Many companies are obsessed with brand consistency, and for a very good reason. If your printed materials have one style and your social media another, with press releases saying something else entirely and car park ticket adverts taking another approach, the public will get confused and possibly grow suspicious of your company’s reliability. After all, if you can’t keep your own story straight, how can you be trusted with someone else’s custom?


Having said that, consistency doesn’t have to mean that everything is exactly the same. In fact, marketing benefits from being adaptive across different promotional platforms, as what you print in a brochure almost certainly won’t convey well via a tweet. The trick is to develop a house style, brand lexicon and overall feel that allows wiggle room for creativity. It might sound hard, but we’re here to help you achieve it.

If you’re not au fait with the business lingo, CTA is short for call to action. It’s a self-explanatory term that refers to a prompt in your content that invites people to go further, such as finding out more info, visiting a webpage, watching a video, following you on social media, downloading a resource, making an enquiry, and so on. CTAs can be as simple as a line at the end of a blog post that shares contact info, all the way to directing web visitors to visit your premises, sign up to a newsletter, or anything else that will lead to greater interaction.

Here are some tips on how to create a CTA that does its job:

  1. Use a strong command verb that makes the CTA clear, such as “go”, “try”, “sign up” or just a good old-fashioned “get in touch”.
  2. Ensure that the language in your CTA matches that of your universal style, otherwise brand consistency will falter.
  3. Explain why your audience should follow the CTA, such as to get tailored information, RSVP to an event, or grab a special offer.
  4. Be creative and feel free to show excitement. If you’re not excited about your product or service, why should a stranger be?
  5. If possible, create a sense of urgency. Providing it’s not a massive fib, you’re allowed to make your audience feel like they might miss out if they don’t take action immediately.

Another big tip, as the title of this post suggests, is to include a CTA everywhere. Each piece of news, flyer, poster, video, email campaign and car park ticket advert should  encourage the viewer to continue down the same path and find out more about your business. This even applies to social media posts – whilst the brevity of these platforms can restrict the amount of text you use, sharing a link or an image can communicate the CTA for you in a highly visual way.

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